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Step-By-Step Instructions for Using Your EZcube & video clip tips...
Ezcube short video tips & clips

  1. Using a boom light over the topwindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  2. Hanging subjects in the EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  3. Background choices for the EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  4. Underlighting glass in the EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  5. About the EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  6. Most common lighting setupwindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  7. Eliminating unwanted reflectionswindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  8. Using the top opening of the EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  9. Opening and folding the 12in EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  10. Opening and folding the 20in EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  11. Opening and folding the 30in EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  12. Opening and folding the 55in EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime
  13. Getting a twist out of the EZcubewindowsmediaplayerquicktime

Jewelry Photography
Lighting jewelry for pictures
Creating sparkle
Diamond photography
Pearl photography
How to "suspend" jewelry
Jewelry photography tools
Glass Photography
Lighting glass for pictures
Graduated backgrounds
Light & dark colored fields
Underlighting technique
Glowing effects with a light panel
Glass photography tools
Bead Photography
Underlighting translucent beads
Exposure & white backgrounds
Creating a black reflection
Prop-up focal beads with wax
Capture the shine of your beads
Bead photography tools
Flower Photography
Soft lighting eliminates shadows
White backgrounds
Camera position
Using the sun for lighting
Gallery of floral images
Flower photography tools
3D Object Photography
White turntable makes it easy
Make any product spin 360
Spinning example in EBAY
Save as animated .gif or Flash
View Step-by-Step video
Spinning animation tools
Watch Photography
Macro focus and lighting
Special LEDs for diamonds
Keeping the watch bands shape
Creating a soft reflection
How to strip out the background
Watch photography tools
Silver Photography
Controlling reflections and glare
Making silver appear shiny
Avoid adding your reflection
Group items together
Silver photography tools
Swarovski Photography
Lighting crystal jewelry
Shooting Aurora Borealis
"Invisible thread"
Floating earrings...like magic!
How-to hang any jewelry
Crystal Photography Tools