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The easiest way to take great product photographs for the web or print.

The EZcube® has a top flap, with a double zipper, that provides easy access to your subject. This feature is included with all of our 12", 20" and 30" EZcubes. This top opening means you won't have to disturb your camera, tripod & lighting set up each time you decide to reposition your product inside.  

EZcube top opening video clips




This design also allows the EZcube®
to be used flipped upside down over plants or other stationary subjects. This feature is very useful for shooting stationary objects that cannot be moved.




The EZcube®  has built in features, we refer to as EZrigging, made to support small, suspended, subjects in the air. Sunglasses, earrings, ornaments & other previously difficult to shoot lightweight subjects are now easily suspended like magic.

To take full advantage of these new features, we have assembled some useful items, for suspending your subjects, into a convenient EZstaging kit. 

EZ Rigging video clips

The inside of each EZcube® now has fabric strips lined with white grommets for holding support rods, so you can suspend your small subjects with ease. This suspension method delivers completely shadow less images.

EZcubes include a seamless white fabric background, that is machine washable. Replacement sweeps are also available for our 12", 20" & 30" light tents. All EZcubes also include a double zippered front panel, for shooting highly reflective objects such as silver.

By having two zippers, it is easier to close the zippered opening around your camera lens, eliminating reflections.

EZcube front panel video clips

New $24.95 DVD included
FREE with every EZcube purchase

"How to get the most from your EZcube

Why use a light tent?
Product overview
Opening and closing
Simple setups
Lighting and exposure
Ten critical tips for better product shots
Important do's and dont's
Advanced professional techniques

DVD Intro Video clips

Each EZcube® comes with a handy, easy to understand, guide for basic care and use of the EZcube®. This includes instructions on the most common lighting setup and use, and a full explanation of why we prefer to use daylight bulbs for all product photography.

professional photographic graduated backgrounds are now available custom made to fit our EZcubes perfectly, so there's no need to fuss over cutting or folding.
We now also offer a huge line of hand painted, muslin, EZbackdrops custom made to fit our EZcubes.  

Graduated Background video clips

Reflective risers in many colors and finishes, including the popular "black ice", are made to fit perfectly inside our EZcubes. The effect of using a  Silver frosted acrylic riser is demonstrated to the right, showing a beautiful soft reflection.


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